Are you happy with your acupuncture practice? Are you thriving, successful and fulfilled? If not, read on!

Do you believe in the law of attraction? In Karma? What goes around comes around…
Simply put, the law of attraction (which has been written about for centuries) states that our thoughts dictate our lives. What we think becomes reality.

So when someone constantly thinks” I don’t want to get sick! I don’t want to get sick!”, all the universe hears is the word: “SICK” and then the person gets sick. Or if I truly believe I will help 6 patients get pregnant this month, it actually manifests itself! Every time!

A lot of skeptics feel this is just some voodoo crazy stuff. Well, some people also think acupuncture is some crazy voodoo stuff!

Acupuncture & TCM rock!! Helloooooo! NO DOUBTS!

I wasn’t told about this law or taught to be positive. My mom was quite pessimistic and always worried bad things would happen (they did often to her). But, since my childhood, I’ve always believed if I wanted something bad enough, it would manifest itself somehow. I didn’t question it, just believed it to be true. I’ve always been positive. Often people tell me I’m just lucky. This is not luck, this is the power of my thoughts.

When I was 8 years old, my mom was a single mother living pay cheque to pay cheque and working 12 hours/day to make ends meet. In the middle of winter, 3 days prior to our rent being due, my mom sat on her bed, and cried. She didn’t have the rent money, she worried we would be evicted and have to live on the streets, sleep in the snow, and become homeless.

I felt sad to see my mom (my hero) cry. I told her it’d be okay and we would get the rent money on time. “How?” she asked. “I don’t know, but we will”, I believed this to be true. I had NO DOUBTS at all!

That afternoon, after school, I went to drop off homework to a friend of mine who was in bed sick with the flu. As I walked back home in a snowy storm, my head down, trying to shelter my face from the cold wind, I saw a crumpled piece of paper on the ground.

To this day, I don’t know what compelled me to pick it up, but I did. I unfolded it…It was a 500 francs bill!!!! Our rent was 450 Francs! I looked up towards the sky and thanked whomever had sent it down, then I ran home.

I showed my mom, telling her, it fell from the sky! She kept asking me where I found it, or if I had stolen the money. I told her repeatedly: “It fell from the sky!”. And I believed it 🙂

Today, I share this story with many of my patients, especially those who are having difficulties with fertility. I tell them they have to believe they will conceive and have  a beautiful baby soon. NO DOUBTS! They need to imagine themselves giving birth, watching their child walking for the first time, graduating from high school, getting married…

When I look at my practice schedule for the week, and there are 3 cancellations, I know patients will call and book in these slots. NO DOUBTS! And guess what? They do Every. Single. Time.

My hubby was driving his 17 years old car recently and said: “This car has never broken down, this is amazing”. I said: “Don’t say that, or it will!”. Yep, you know it, the very next day, on his way to work, his car broke down and literally died. He bought a new car that week.

Before I met my husband, I wrote down who I wanted to be the Yin to my Yang. His qualities, his strength, our life together. And I got exactly what I asked for.

If you TRULY believe your practice will be successful, regardless of competition or any obstacles, then you will, NO DOUBTS!

So keep rocking it with TCM, heal the world one patient at a time, and believe in the power of your thoughts. NO DOUBTS!

TCM Geek

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