Many moons ago, I lived alone in a rental apartment in downtown Vancouver. A few times a week, I would be taking the elevator with one of my neighbour. I’d say “Hello” and he’d never answer.


going down

going down

A few months into this routine, I walked into the elevator yet again, and said my usual hello. And, of course, no answer.

My LV Yang rose and I pulled the STOP button, looked at my neighbour and said: “What’s wrong with you? Can’t you just smile or say hello to me?”. He backed up into a corner and looked at me as if I was a 2 head monster! He probably thought: “Let me out of here, crazy lady might hurt me!”. I released the Stop button and we silently went down. He never talked to me and I stopped saying Hello from that day on.

That night, I experienced my very first high pitched tinnitus. It lasted about 5 minutes or so and finally went away. Granted, it was a stressful time in my life. I had just ended a 3 year relationship, and was unhappy at my job, where the owner of the fitness club I managed made my daily life miserable.

Today, when I get this annoying sound in one of my ear, I know my LV Yang is rising and I need a daily dose of LV 2 (And probably LV 3, Yin Tang and Ear Shen Men!). It gives me clues I am stressed and need to slow down.

Did you know 1 in 22 people worldwide suffers from some kind of tinnitus, 78% of these are over 40 years old, and 72% experience very poor sleep due to the constant ringing in their ears.

In TCM, the causes of Tinnitus are declining of KD Essence, emotional stress, trauma injury and pathogens invasions.

Many western disorders can result in ear ringing, including wax build-up, Acute Otitis, perforated ear drum, Meniere’s disease, tumours, Drugs use (Cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, quinine…), high BP, anemia, altitude sickness, and aneurysm.

This is a common disorder and for many the sound never ends. Depending on the pattern, how long the patient has been experiencing Tinnitus, and the cause of it, TCM can be a good solution. Here are the TCM treatment for tinnitus depending on the diagnosis pattern.

Tinnitus treatment

I hope your ears are sound free and you keep rocking it using TCM,

TCM Geek

A big thank you to my source of Reference: Jane Lyttleton, and her great book, Clinical handbook of internal medicine.


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