You will be able to review your TCM foundation and diagnosis anytime with these made easy video courses. Because you and I know, in Chinese medicine, there is no wrong treatment, just the wrong diagnosis. Reviewing our TCM foundation & diagnosis makes us stronger and allow us to achieve superior patient care.

I’ve been teaching TCM to future acupuncture professionals since 2008 and absolutely love it! Now, my goal is to expand my reach to TCM Rock Stars (yep, that’s you!) all over the world. I want to make Chinese medicine easy to grasp and fun to learn.

As usual, keep rocking using TCM,
TCM Geek

PS: more video courses are coming soon! In the mean time, get my class notes of the Zang-Fu Organs TCM Patterns & Symptoms here.

The Yin Yang Theory Course Made Easy

Yin Yang Theory course


The 5 Element Theory Course Made EasyΒ 

5 element theory course

The 4 Vital Substances Course Made Easy

4 vital substances in TCM













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