Do you want to crush the competition and stand out from the crowd?
Then you HAVE to be a little technical in order to be creative, so you can grow a thriving practice.

Don’t panic, I’m not asking you to start watching Star Trek and become a full on techie! I’m more of a “Back to the Future” fan anyway. I think I’m stuck in the 80s forever 🙂
Most of the apps out there today are very user friendly. After all, I’m a self proclaimed TCM Geek, not a techie, but if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

I was completely self taught since the days of AOL and bulky slow dial up computers. Today, I create all videos for my You Tube Channel, make all the graphics for my websites and for all my Facebook posts. My love for TCM fuels my creativity and need, to share this amazing medicine with the world.

Many people have asked me how I make all these! So I wanted to share with you my 4 favorite apps, which I believe will help you connect better with your potential patients. I personally use these apps in my practice and with AcuPro Academy all the time.

In this short video, I share with you what apps I use in hope that you find them useful.

1- Canva
Can be used on your tablet or computer to design graphics for your site, social medias and brochures. I made a quick Canva turorial to save you the learning curve for this amazing FREE app!

2- Word Swag
This phone app is great for your social media, you can take a picture, add up your logo and some text and post it instantly to your audience. If you carry herbs, you could take a pic of “Yu Ping Feng San” and write: “Chinese medicine answer to the flu shot!”. The possibilities are endless.

3- Adobe Voice (My all time favorite)
This iPad app is totally free and allows you to record short videos. I’ve made this video with it. It comes with tons of icons, graphics, layout, music and themes. It takes about 20 minutes to figure it out and then it’s so easy and you don’t have to be on camera 🙂

4- ScreenFlow (for Mac) & Camtasia (for PC)
These computer apps are a little more costly and more advanced, but so worth it, if you want to record videos. They allow you to use your phone or computer camera to record yourself, do a powerpoint presentation, and edit it all for perfection. I’ve recorded all my online courses with ScreenFlow.

So go ahead and get creative with your graphics, and make videos to stand out from the crowd and crush the competition!

Let me know if this was useful, until then, keep rocking it using TCM!
TCM Geek

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