Unless your practice mostly revolves around musculoskeletal issues, you probably use the same 50 or so acupuncture points with varied combinations. I believe most practitioners gravitated towards their favorite points and most will often pick from the pool of “Special Points”.

I am definitely one of them. I love to use Ghost points, Back-Shu, Xi-Cleft, Influential and Confluent points. It doesn’t mean I never use the “non special” or even A-Shi points, but truthfully I prefer the Special ones 🙂

When I teach about each category, I get excited and animated because I’ve seen how well these points work! I love St 40 because it’s the Luo Connecting point to Spleen! It’s actually my all time FAVORITE acupuncture point and all my students know that! How geek am i? Yep, I do have a favorite point 🙂

I use Sp 6 to treat hip issues, because it’s the commander point of the hips. Or St 6 for those with PTSD because it’s a Ghost point!

This post is dedicated to all “Special Points”, because after all, we are all truly unique and special in our won way.

Keep rocking it using acupuncture special points!
TCM Geek


Ghost Points
Sun Si Miao developed the 13 Ghost Points for the purpose of treating mental disorders such as schizophrenia, manic behaviour & neurological disorders such as Epilepsy. In clinical practice, these ghost points are also helpful, in helping patients with long standing emotional trauma that are difficult to overcome. I use Bl 62 for long standing childhood trauma related to sexual abuse.


Yuan Source Points
The 12 YUAN- Source points, also called Primary points are located at the writs or ankles, where the Yuan Qi of each Zang-Fu Organ is retained. They are effective in tonifying the 5 Zang organs, strengthening Zhen (True) Qi, and expelling pathogens.
They’re also closely related to the San Jiao, which is a conductor for Yuan Qi spreading it throughout the body.


Influential Points
Can be use to treat disorders of the vital substances (Qi & Blood), the Zang-Fu organs, the sinews, marrow, bones and blood vessels.



Xi-Cleft Points
The Xi Cleft point is where Qi & Blood of each meridian deeply converges. The 16 points are used mostly for Pain disorders (especially Yang Xi-Cleft), and for blood disorders (especially Yin Xi-Cleft). LU 6 is used for coughing blood, while St 34 is used for Stomach pain.



Back-Shu and Front-Mu points
Back-Shu & Front-Mu points treat disorders of the organ they pertain either in the back of the body or in the front. I use some of these points probably with almost every treatment!


Transporting-Shu Points.
These points located below the elbows and the knees are much more dynamic than other points, which explain their frequent use in clinical practice.
– Jing-Well points: Qi is most superficial
– Ying-Spring points: Qi quickens
– Shu-Stream points: Meridians broaden
– Jing-River points: Qi deepens
– He-Sea points: Qi plunges into the body

They can also be used for the mother-son relationship of the 5 element generating sequence, by tonify the mother meridian point of the related meridian or of the mother meridian, in case of deficiency. Or in case of excess, by suing the son points of the meridian point of the related meridian or of the  son meridian. For example if there is Heart Fire, we would choose the son point (HT 7) of the related meridian and the son point of the son meridian (SP 3).



Luo-Connecting Points
The 15 LUO connecting points are where the 15 collaterals split from the main meridians. Their main function is to strengthen their interiorly exteriorly related meridians.
ie: St 40 can help the Spleen digestive issues, and SP 4 can help bring ST Qi down from vomiting.
SP 21 being the major LUO point connects to the muscular regions of the body, using it for fibromyalgia is fantastic and efficient!



Confluent Points
These 8 points connect the main meridians with the 8 extraordinary vessels, and therefore are connected to Essence. Also pairing 2 of these points can help treat disorders of different areas of the body, balance reproductive hormones, treat women’s disorders and mental health issues! I use Lu 7 (R) and Kd 6 (L) with SP 4 (R) and PC 6 (L) to balance female reproductive hormones, regulate menstrual cycle and aid in ovulation.



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