Over the years in my acupuncture practice, I have heard the funniest things. Some made me laugh, some took me by surprise and some have taught me valuable lessons. Here’s a few I thought you might enjoy:

Acupuncture practice funny

“You’re not Chinese! How can you practice Chinese medicine?” I have heard this a few times in my career (as I’m sure many other non-Chinese practitioners have as well), and it always makes me laugh. I always reply: “Does one need to be Greek to learn or teach Greek philosophy?”

“Are you confused?” somebody once asked me, and then continued with: “I mean, you’re Jewish from France living in Canada and practicing Chinese Medicine!”. When you put it that way, it’s quite a mix, but I guess that’s what makes me unique, and I like it!

“Can you make me attracted to my wife?” After I asked if it was an issue with libido or erectile dysfunction and the answer was negative. I was actually stumped. He wanted acupuncture to help him be attracted to his wife: magic voodoo style… well if I could do this, I probably also could win the lottery 🙂

– When it comes to the action of “needling”, I often hear: “Where are you going to stab me today?”. So apparently I stab, jab, poke, prick and sometimes, I actually needle 🙂

“I want those purple circles Gwyneth Paltrow had on her back, can you do that?” New patient who only wanted cupping, so she could dress up as Gwyneth Paltrow for Halloween!

“I have a tree that is dying in my backyard, and we’ve tried everything. Do you think acupuncture could help?” Well, that one stumped me 🙂

– A patient’s 6 year old daughter told me: “When I grow up Clara, I want the be an acupuncturist”. That made my day.

– After 6 treatments a patient asked: “Is it normal to feel normal?”

– My conversation with a 10 year old patient after his first treatment: “How was it?” I asked him as I removed the needles. “There was nothing to do”, he said. “Were you bored?” This was his surprising answer: “I’m always doing something you know, hockey practice, school, homework, playing video games with my brother. This is the first time I do nothing… (Pause)…And it was SO nice.” Wow, wise little soul. So smart. I loved it.

I’d love to here some of your fun, surprising or inspiring stories. Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

And of course, keep rocking it using TCM.
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