The cat has to go! I’m allergic!

Many moons ago, when Craig (now my husband) and I first dated, I was living on my own, and was the proud mama of a fur baby, Booboo the cat!

acupuncture for allergiesEvery time Craig came to my place he couldn’t stay long. Within 20 minutes, he would start sneezing uncontrollably, his eyes would water and become extremely itchy. Even when Booboo was not in the same room with him! Craig had been allergic to cats since he was a child. So when we decided to take the relationship to the next level and move in together, I knew it would get tricky.

We were having dinner at a local restaurant, when Craig said: “So, what are we going to do with your cat, when we move in together?” And my response was: “You mean, what are we going to do with YOU?” Craig then asked: “How is that going to work?” And I replied: “We’ll just have to fix you!”

According to my TCM diagnosis, Craig was Lu & Kd Qi deficient, so we did acupuncture twice/week for 2 months prior to moving in. Since my hubby is a little squeamish about needles, all he got was ST 36, LU 7, and KD 6. He also took Quercetin (400mg) and Yu Ping Feng San (40 drops in tincture form) daily.

During the first couple of months in our new place, we kept with the acupuncture sessions weekly. I also made sure Booboo would only have access to the kitchen and the guest bedroom. The living room, and our own bedroom were off limits.

I changed Craig’s diet radically. He was a typical bachelor eating take out foods most of the time. Fruits and veggies were not on his radar, but ice cream was a daily ritual! At first, he tried to resist, he would complain to his friends that we had no “fun” food in our home, and he would constantly ask why we ate weird stuff! I guess to him, quinoa, avocado, greens, and most veggies were a little weird. But I stuck to my guns, because I’m stubborn and I’m always right! (Ha!)

Slowly, I started to allow Booboo in the other rooms, and eventually he was ruling the house, as all cats do! And wouldn’t you know, one day I came home to find Booboo and Craig sleeping together peacefully, the cat on top of Craig’s chest! SO CUTE!

In TCM, environmental allergies are often due to Lung Qi deficiency, and according to the 5 element theory, Earth is the mother of Metal. So tonifying Sp & St (with a healthy diet) to generate good Lu & Li is very beneficial for those with Lung deficiency.

So the next time you hear someone say: “I’d love to adopt a cat or a dog, but I’m so allergic!”, tell them you have a great solution, and it’s called Chinese Medicine!

Keep rocking it using TCM.

TCM Geek 

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