When I was in school learning observation skills for TCM diagnosis, I would practice on celebrities and I still do; it’s so much fun, don’t you think? I remember watching Celine Dion belting out the Titanic song and saying to myself: “Oh my gosh, her tongue is so pale, she’s blood deficient! She needs TCM!

She must have heard me through the screen, because a few years later, after 5 failed IVF cycles, she decided to go through a 6th one, this time adding acupuncture to her treatment. And she got pregnant! Acupuncture rocks!

Celine could be my sister. She’s from Quebec and I’m from France, so we speak the same language of cheese, wine and pastries. She can freaking sing and I can freaking dance (I taught Hip-Hop for 15 years). We are born the same day, month and year (Google it up if you want to know how old I am, or not!). She’s a Wood body type and I’m Earth. Well, LV & SP go together like carrots & peas! You see, we could be sisters!

Observing body types of celebrities is a lot of fun. What do you think is your TCM body type? We have all 5 body types and qualities within us, but there are always 2 DOMINANT ones. Which ones are yours?

 5 Body type in TCM



Wood Body Type: slender body, straight back.
Wood Qualities: goal setter, achiever, planner, visionary, go getter, task oriented, list maker.
Wood Downfalls: over achiever, control freak, “it’s my way or the highway” attitude. Impatient, irritable, frustrated easily.


Fire Body Type: heart shaped face, smaller hands & feet.
Fire Qualities: fun, passionate, excited, loves to laugh, the clown and life of the party, team player.
Fire Downfalls: needs constant stimulation, easily distracted and bored, can’t focus, doesn’t follow through, doesn’t like to be alone.


Earth Body Type: pear shaped, rounded buttocks
Earth Qualities: nurturer, compassionate, great listener, home body, caring.
Earth Downfalls: takes care of everyone and puts herself last, very sensitive to criticism, often a door matt, worry, over thinks.


Metal Body Type: broad squared shoulders, defined face features.
Metal Qualities: trustworthy, dependable, very hard worker, will always finish a project, follows through, strong silent type.
Metal Downfalls: difficulties in having close relationships, constant self preserving, not allowing himself to share his thoughts or feelings, feels lonely and misunderstood, tendency to feeling blue and sad.


Water Body Type: rounded baby face, soft skin.
Water Qualities: creative, self-reflective, dreamer, artistic, easy going, works better alone.
Water Downfalls: gets drained if around too many people for a long period of time, always late, no motivation, fear of failure, self doubts.

Tell me what your TCM body type is, in the comment section below. It’d be fun to see what is the most prevalent one in our profession!

Keep rocking it using TCM!
TCM Geek

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