On our first day in clinical practice, back when I was in TCM college, my supervisor told me I was going to needle my very first patient today. I was so nervous but soooo excited! And the very FIRST acupuncture point my teacher asked me to needle on a patient was REN 22!!! OMG!

I was TERRIFIED! I would have to insert a needle behind the sternum. Are you kidding me?

The cool thing, was that both the patient and my clinic supervisor seemed at ease with me performing this crazy stunt! And it totally helped me relaxed. If they were confident in my ability to do this, then who was I to question it?

I took a big breath, tapped the needle, bent it and slowly inserted it behind the sternum. And Voila! Needling any acupuncture point after that, felt like a breeze 🙂

In clinical practice, I use REN points a lot, especially for fertility purposes. So today, I thought it’d be fun to look at the REN Mai characteristics:

  • Also called the Conception vessel

  • Circulates Essence, originate in the TCM KD

  • Sea of all Yin Channels

  • Area of the body influenced: Abdomen, thorax, throat, Lungs, Face

  • Regulates the TCM Uterus for menstruation, fertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause

  • It moves Qi in the Lower Jiao for fibroids, hernia and urinary issues

  • It regulates the middle Jiao for digestive issues

  • It loosens up the upper Jiao for asthma and chest pain

  • It helps calm the mind

  • Confluent point LU 7

Below you’ll find fun videos and pics about the REN meridian and its most used points in clinical practice.

Keep rocking using TCM,
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PS: Check out the Chong Vessel, the Dai Vessel, and the DU Vessel.

The REN Meridian

REN 6 – CV 6
is one of the best acupuncture point for low energy and extreme fatigue. Especially combined with Sp 6 and Du 20!

REN 12 – CV 12 is the best point for any stomach issues.

REN 17 – CV 17 is perfect to open up the chest and loosen up the whole Upper Jiao. It’s great for Asthma, cough with difficulty in expectorating phlegm, congested lungs, palpitations, chest pain, and anxiety.


REN 22 – CV 22 is a fantastic acupuncture point for Asthma, chronic or acute cough, sore throat, sudden loss of voice, hoarse voice, hiccup and difficulty in swallowing.


Ren 24 – CV 24 is a great point as part of a protocol for facial paralysis and Bell’s Palsy, it relieve toothache, and decrease swelling of the face. And Because it’s a Ghost Point, it’s used for people who are always worried and are consumed by dark thoughts for years (They don’t ever smile or laugh).

The Ren and Psychology

The Ren calms the mind and relieves anxiety, but is also in the vessel in charge of self care and self-love. The Ren allows us to find balance, steadiness, security and a sense of safety. It is a Yin meridian, therefore more feminine in nature, so it is in charge of our nurturing, compassionate and softer sides.*


*Thank you to Yvonne Farrell for her amazing insight into the Ren Mai psychology*

The REN meridian versus the DU Meridian


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