When teaching about the TCM bladder, I always tell my students this story:

My mother had a friend for over 40 years, when a few years ago, she ask her to come over to put rolls in her hair. My mom had a routine appointment with her GP the next day and wanted her hair to look good (This is a french thing, you’ve got to look good when out in public, but even better for certain events, like your doctor’s visit!).

These 2 really good friends had done each other’s hair for decades! Her friend refused telling my mom, she was tired and didn’t feel like it. She told her, she’d come over another day, not today. My mom insisted it was important, her friend held her ground, and so…Since that day, my mom hasn’t talked to her friend!!!

“I will never forgive her” she keeps telling me, every time I try to talk about it.

Yep, she has now held a grudge against her for 17 years over this! In her small town in the French Alps, she sees her friend at the store or on the street, and refuses to acknowledge her. Ladies and Gentleman: THAT is my mother!

And interesting enough, my mother has had bladder incontinence since the 70s…

The TCM Bladder fascinates me, it’s the longest, biggest, baddest meridian in the body, yet it’s function as a Fu organ is limited to voiding water! But I LOVE the fact that it’s connected to holding grudges, suspicion and jealousy.

  • BL remove Water by Qi transformation (with the help of the SI & SJ)

  • Imbalance of BL will provoke jealousy, suspicion and long-standing grudge!

  • BL & KD are quite close in the fluids transformation.

You’ll find all about the TCM Bladder below. Enjoy

And keep rocking it using TCM,
TCM Geek

PS: and if you want more, check out all the other TCM Systems in my TCM resource page

The Bladder System in TCM

1- The most common Urinary Bladder pattern in TCM:

TCM Badder pattern


2- The Bladder Meridian and its most used points in clinical practice.

3- Some of the commonly used Bladder acupuncture points

BL 2 is great for sinus issues and frontal headache, and great for hiccup, and tearing on wind. I have done it on my dog and it worked super fast to stop his hiccup 🙂

BL 2 acupuncture point

Back-Shu Points with their Front-Mu partners!

Back Shu Acupuncture points

Bl 40 – Best point for Low back issues!


BL 60 is a great acupuncture point for tension headaches.


BL 62 is a great acupuncture point for mental and physical health issues.

4- Common Disorders and the Bladder

Painful Urination Syndrome also known as Lin Syndrome refers to any painful urination and has many categories in TCM.
Western common disorders: Cystitis, Nephritis, Gonorrhea, Prostatitis, Systemic Lupus, Kd stones, UTI, Gout…

UTIs are usually Heat Lin Syndrome and have 3 possible patterns.
Damp-heat in the Bladder, Heart Fire moving down to Small Intestine, and Liver Fire.
Tx options:
– Ear (Bl, Kd, Lv, urethra).
– Diet: Cucumber juice and Pu Gong Yin (Dandelion) tea.

Bladder infection in TCM


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