My mother has recently turned 90!
According to her own words: she can’t believe she’s made it this far! What’s amazing, is that she’s still does everything on her own. Her long term memory, tough, is slowly disappearing. Her short term memory is not that great either, but who is? Most of us can’t recall where we put our keys or the person’s name we just were introduced to!

Long term memory loss though, is something I had never been expose to. It all changed a few months ago. My mom lives in France, so I call her weekly, from Canada. And this was our conversation last November:

Mom: Don’t get upset okay? But… who’s your father?
Me: Uh?
Mom: I had kids but I don’t remember who I had them with. Obviously, you have a dad, but I don’t know who that is!
Me: Wow, seriously? Well, his name was Gaston, he was a Chef and you met at the restaurant you both worked at.
Mom: nope, nothing!
Me: really? He died when I was 5 years old.
Mom: Oh? Poor him…

I gave her more details but nothing. She forgot an entire person who was a major part of her life! I think it bothered me more than it bothered her. She didn’t seem to care too much. But I guess, it’s hard to care for someone you don’t even know existed. Her short term memory loss irritates her much more!

And at the end of our phone call, I said: “I hope you don’t forget me!” and my mom: “How could I ever forget you!”

My mom taking an afternoon nap this summer, while I was visiting her, in the french Alps.

The reality is, not everyone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. But many will have their memory slowly declined with age. I have patients who are still young and have memory issues already. Eating a diet high in essential fatty acids, reducing anxiety and stress, doing cross puzzles and other brain games may also help keep our memory “muscles” active and well.

And, of course, TCM is great to address memory disorders especially as a prevention. Below, you’ll find the basic TCM Treatment Protocols for Memory Disorders.

Stay brain sharp, and keep rocking it using TCM!
TCM Geek

As a basic memory booster, combining the following acupuncture points may help: HT 7, PC 6, Yin Tang, Si Shen Cong and KD 1.

TCM treatment protocol for memory loss


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