Over the years, I’ve had many parents calling me to ask if I could treat their child with asthma. When I tell them Diet is crucial when it comes to asthma, and that they have to be prepared to follow a diet free of sugar and dairy. This is what I hear: “I can’t do that, it’s too hard. Isn’t there anything else you can do?”.

Sure, Acupuncture is fantastic to reduce Asthma attacks and wheezing, but it won’t work without changing the eating habits of the patient! Food IS medicine! It’s that simple!

One mother surprised me and actually agreed to make the shift to a new diet, for the health of her 5 years old son. They both were tired to go to the hospital in the middle of the night, every few months. The mother was hurting for her child, and the son hated the hospital. So they embarked on this journey of no dairy, no sugar (except for a few fruits like apples and avocados), no cold drinks, no juice box, no pop!

Family members kept telling her, that her son deserved cakes, cookies and other treats, that he was a child and he should be having fun eating the same as other kids.

I have tremendous admiration for this amazing mother, who fought daily for her child’s health. It wasn’t easy by any mean. But her best ally was her son! As he started to feel better, and his hospital visits stopped, HE actually refused cookies and other common treats, when he was offered some.

Within less than a year, her son’s asthma resolved. No more puffer, no more steroids, no more hospital visits! He’s now a healthy 13 years old boy.

Did you know Asthma affects 1 in 6 children in North America? 50% of them have some allergies to animal dander, pollen and dust. And millions of children miss school daily because of asthma attacks.

In Chinese Medicine, childhood Asthma is often a combination of LU, SP & KD Qi deficiency. Boosting the defensive (Wei) Qi of the Lung, and the source (Yuan) Qi of the Kidney systems, as well as nourishing the Zhong (Middle) Qi of the Spleen & Stomach with a healthy diet, will result in a great outcome. 

ON top of a deficiency, there are 3 types of asthma: Cold, Heat and or Damp. Here’s the symptoms and best diet associated with each type. No matter what, dairy and sugar should be avoided completely. 

Asthma in Chinese medicine

Let’s help these little boys & girls enjoy their childhood Asthma free with Chinese medicine nutrition. And of course, keep rocking it using TCM!

TCM Geek

PS: Want more? Check out and access the PDF for the TCM Treatments for the 7 most common LUNG Disorders (including Asthma, Chronic and Acute Cough, Hay Fever, Sinusitis and more!).


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