Every acupuncturist I know loves to look at their tongue daily and talk about poo!
After all, the tongue and the bowel movement reveal a lot about our internal health. Even though, the TCM Spleen & Stomach are in charge of digestion, the TCM Large Intestine still plays a major role in our digestive health.

  • The main function of the TCM Large Intestine is to let go of the “rotten food”, but also of long standing emotions! If you haven’t read my post on Emotional Constipation (with the TCM treatment protocol for constipation PDF), check it out!

  • The Large Intestine connection to the TCM Lung is reflected in the observation of the skin, and immune system.

You’ll find all about the TCM Large Intestine below. Enjoy 🙂

And keep rocking it using TCM!
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1- The most common Large Intestine TCM Patterns

TCM large intestine patterns


2- The Large Intestine Meridian and its most used points in clinical practice.


3- Some of the most commonly used Large Intestine acupuncture points

LI 4 is a super powerful acupuncture point with so many functions!
– Any disorder affecting the face: sinus, jaw pain, toothache, pink eye, twitches, swelling…
– External Pathogens invasion such as flus & colds.
– Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea.
– Any type of pain, anywhere, especially headache.
– Painful menstruation, difficult childbirth.
– But counter-indicated during pregnancy, until the last stage.

Li 4 acupuncture point


Unassuming Li 11 is fantastic to clear excess heat, not only from the large intestine, but for inflammation, or feeling hot in general. Great for smelly bowel issues and Tennis elbow.

Li 11 acupuncture point


Li 20 opens the nose! This “Welcome Fragrance” acupuncture point is great to expel external pathogens, treat nasal congestion (acute or chronic), loss of sense of smell, sinusitis, and rhinitis, because after all, acupuncture rocks!

LI 20 acupuncture point

4- Basic acupuncture protocol for frozen shoulder

Acupuncture Protocol for Frozen Shoulder, add Li 4.
After treatment, use gentle Tui Na manipulations to help increase range of motion.

Acpuncture for frozen shoulder


5- The TCM treatment protocols for constipation

Click on the pic below and get access to it! It’s FREE, enjoy 🙂

TCM constipation


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