But TCM can rescue me!

I love to hike, mountain bike and play tennis with my hubby. But as I get older (OMG, 50 is just around the corner, yikes!), injuries seem to happen more often. I don’t stretch as much anymore, I don’t take the time to warm up and I still think I can take risks and bike down a mountain at breaking speed (because, let’s face it, it’s so much fun!).

TCM is amazing and so quick to treat sports injuries, especially when it’s done right away. I thought it’d be fun to review the TCM way to deal with acute sports injuries. In case you or your friends happen to be dare devils!


TCM and acute sport injury


Fractures, Dislocation & Soft Tissues Injuries

General TCM internal Tx principles

– Initial stage: move blood, reduce swelling & inflammation (clear heat).
– Middle stage: strengthen bone, muscle, sinews.
– Late stage (recovery): tonify Sp, Lv & kd, warm meridians & move Qi.

General TCM external Tx principles

  • Initial stage & middle stage: Acupuncture, seven star, electro-acupuncture every two days for 1st week, then 2/week till healed. Treat the affected area and the opposite side, or if too painful or in a cast treat opposite side only.

  • Middle stage: Moxa & Zheng Gu Shui spray or lotion.

  • All stage: herbal treatment in cheesecloth (can be reused every day for 1 week), equal parts of Dang Gui, Qiang Huo, Hong Hua, Xu Duan, Fang Feng, Gu Sui Bu, Mu Gua, and Bai Zhi (15gr. each for a total of 120gr.)

  • Late stage: acupuncture, Tui Na.

Area affected and their corresponding organ & meridians, best points & best herbs

Soft injuries with acupuncture treatment

Go play outside & keep rocking it with TCM,

TCM geek



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