I was born 10 weeks early, had scoliosis, and asthma as a child. The hair on my head didn’t grow until I was two, my teeth are all crooked, and my left ear is all weird looking. Talk about kidney essence deficiency! My hubby lost all the hair on his head by the time he was 24, and his memory has always been really bad. Between the two of us, we really need to take care of our TCM kidneys.

Some of the best foods for the TCM kidneys are black in colour (Corresponding colour in the 5 element theory), such as blackberries, black sesame seeds, black beans, seaweeds, black chia seeds and wild rice.

Food for Kidneys in TCM

Also specific to nourishing Essence, bone soup and other organ meat are needed according to TCM. Being a vegetarian, it doesn’t suit my palate, but if you’re a meat eater, go ahead and knock yourself out! Or you may recommend these to your Kidney deficient patients.

Here are the healing foods for each TCM KD patterns. Bon Appetit!

Food for Kidney TCM

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Keep rocking it with TCM!

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