One of my best friend was the fittest woman I have ever met. She ate a clean, wholesome diet and had tons of friends who thought she was amazing. Because she truly was!

What most people didn’t know is that she had been sexual abused as a child by her older brother and father. Her own mother blamed her and constantly challenged her ability to succeed. She would constantly demand that her daughter get a “real” job. My friend was a successful personal trainer making an average of $60,000/year, but her mother would tell her to dress better, look prettier, and so on and on…

Naturally, all her life, my sweet friend tried to be perfect . She was a generous being with a heart of gold, always thinking of others. She was funny, loving and a true friend.

At 29 years old, she was diagnosed with uterus cancer.
She fought it. She won. 

Later, she got married, became pregnant and miscarried.
She fought back & got pregnant again. 

At 20 weeks, her baby boy was born weighing 1 pound. She fought by his side daily, never leaving the hospital for almost 5 months..and both of them won. 

By the time her son was a healthy 7 years old, she had lost her home, separated from her husband, and had to declare bankruptcy. 

All these years, she had tried to fight the demons within her, the low self worth and the feeling of never being good enough. 18 months ago, she stopped fighting and we lost her.

Today, I want to honor her beautiful soul, and share her story with you to remind all of us that emotions rule our bodies. Emotions rule the HEALTH of our bodies. 

Did you know research shows that 86% of woman with uterus cancer have had sexual abuse in their past? Emotional trauma which hasn’t been dealt with, and repressed emotions, will slowly fester and eventually grow into unhealthy cells.

As practitioners, we have to be on the outlook for the underlying emotional component that may interfere with conception, cycle regulation and hormonal imbalances. 

The main causes of fertility disorders (I don’t like to use the word infertility, by the way… too negative!) in TCM and in western medicine are:

Acupuncture Fertility online course– Long standing emotional stress.
– Diet and its affects on the body, such as insulin resistance, high body mass index, metabolic syndrome, leaky gut, etc.
– Weak constitution, including structural or genetic issues.
– Chronic illness (physical or mental).

I believe that at least 90% of women trying to conceive and who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, have long standing emotions which are the main cause for them not getting pregnant.

UB 62 is a great Ghost point to use for these patients. It releases the heaviness of emotional trauma by helping the patient feel lighter, and therefore allow the body to conceive. Of course, this point is not a stand alone. It needs to be added to the treatment protocol for the TCM diagnosis made by the practitioner for each patient.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful friend. I hope she found peace wherever she is now. 



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