Everyone is afraid of the big “C”!

Nobody wants to get that dreaded diagnosis and hear these words: “It’s Cancer”.

And, generally, right after receiving this shocking news, patients are thrown into a whirlwind of treatments, that often starts the next day!

Not only they are experiencing emotional trauma, but now their bodies are also being put through a physical one as well.

I’m not against conventional Chemotherapy or radiation, I just wish oncologist and MDs would give their patients at least 1 to 2 weeks to process this devastating news, talk with family members, and prepare for the journey ahead.

I believe, our role as practitioners is to assist patients through their path in beating this disease, whatever their decision maybe (Conventional route, integrative medicine, or natural). And knowing the strengths as well as the limitations of our medicine.

TCM and Cancer is a massive subject, so today I just wanted to address what Acupuncture can do to support patients who go through radiation or chemotherapy. 

May you continue to heal the world one patient at a time.
TCM Geek


1- What TCM can do for Cancer Patients, while assisting them during Chemotherapy or Radiation.

What TCM can do for Cancer


2- Basic Acupuncture support for Chemotherapy (Treatment Principles & Points)

Acupuncture for chemotherapy

Acupuncture for Chemotherapy


3- Basic Acupuncture support for radiation (Treatment Principles & Points)

TCM for Radiation


Acupuncture for radiation


4- Basic Acupuncture Treatment for Pre-Surgery

Pre surgery Acupuncture


5- Basic Acupuncture Treatment for Post-Surgery

Post Surgery acupuncture


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