Once in a while in a while I get heart burn. I don’t understand why it’s called HEART burn, since it’s an esophagus and stomach issue! In TCM, it’s classified as ST heat. What I like about the TCM Stomach system (meridian & organ) is that it’s very closely related to the western Stomach (which makes it easy to teach!).

The TCM Stomach (a Yang organ) is also very closely related to its Yin partner, the TCM Spleen.

  • It is said to be the most important Yang organ!

  • It controls the ripening & rotting of food (with the SP)

  • If ST Qi is strong, the prognostic of any disease will be good.

  • Controls the transportation of Food Qi

  • ST is the origin of fluids (likes moisture)

  • ST & SP are Yin – Yang opposite: ย ST gets dry & Sp gets damp, St has tendency to be Excess & Sp deficiency, St hates heat & Sp hates cold, St rebels & Sp sinks.

You’ll find everyone about the TCM Stomach below. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

And keep rocking it using TCM,
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The Stomach System in TCM

1- TCM Stomach Patterns

TCM Stomach patterns


ST Fire is a very common patterns which can benefit form a cooling diet, such as Camomile tea, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and green smoothies, made of parsley, cucumber, celery and aloe vera.

ST Fire in TCM


2- The Stomach Meridian and its most used points in clinical practice.



3- Some of the commonly used Stomach acupuncture points

ST 1-2-3-4 are great points for Bell’s Palsy, post Stroke facial paralysis.


ST 6
is amazing to treat clenched jaw, jaw pain, toothache, Bells’ Palsy and for those with long standing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to childhood trauma.

ST 6 Acupuncture point

ST 7 is great for trigeminal neuralgia, toothache, TMJ, and tinnitus.

ST 36 is probably the most used point in clinical practice.
Commander point, He-Sea point, Lower He-Sea point, Earth Point, Sea of Water & Grain. It tonifies Qi & Blood, expel pathogens, strengthen Wei Qi, Harmonize ST & SP and all digestive issues, and maintains overall health!

ST 36 Acupuncture point

ST 40 – my all time favourite acupuncture point! I want to needle ST 40 on everyone!
Best point for phlegm (visible and invisible). Great for large of amount of phlegm, asthma, cysts, atherosclerosis, cystic acne, obesity, anxiety, dizziness, depression, panic attack, and manic behaviour. Did I mention? I LOVE ST 40!

ST 40 Acupuncture point


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