I was born with Asthma because my french mother smoked 2 packs/day during her whole pregnancy! Yikes! In TCM, the mother of Lung is the digestive system, having a healthy diet can strengthen the Lung and boost the immune system. Today, I am free of asthma. I keep my immune system and Lung system strong with good foods, acupuncture and deep breathing exercises.

You’ll find everything you wanted to know about the TCM Lung, right below.
Enjoy 🙂

Keep Rocking it using TCM!
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1- The LUNG System in Chinese Medicine: functions and causes of imbalances.


2- TCM LUNG Functions


3- The 5 Element Theory: Metal


4- TCM Lung Patterns 


5- TCM Lung Food Cures


Lu Qi deficiency can benefit from the Chinese herbal formula Yu Ping Feng San but only to boost Wei (Defensive) Qi, not if the external pathogens have already invaded the body. And of course, a good diet and acupuncture rock for preventing colds, flus and environmental allergies.


6- TCM Lung Patterns & Treatments

Basic respiratory system symptoms and possible TCM patterns!


Acupuncture is great when it comes to Asthma but diet is crucial! Avoiding dairy and sugar, and eating the right whole foods will make a huge difference, especially with children.


7- Emotions and the Lung in TCM: sadness & Grief
Don’t you want to make them feel better by cuddling them? Or you could just needle DU 20, LU 7 & Yin Tang.


8- The Lung Meridian & its Most Used Points in Clinical Practice. #AcupunctureRocks!

9- Some of the commonly used LUNG Acupuncture Points

Lu 5 is a He-Sea acupuncture point  which clears heat from the Lung and descends Lu Qi. For Coughing due to heat, Asthma, and sore throat.


LU 7 is versatile, as it can be needled with the meridian to tonify deficiency, and against the meridian to clear excess!




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