My husband is on Fire! He’s passionate, excited and always so happy. He’s really the TCM Heart personality. But he’s also easily bored and distracted. If he’s stressed, his sleep and blood pressure gets affected. So I make sure he gets regular acupuncture treatments and massages, and eats a healthy diet.

You’ll find everything you wanted to know about the TCM Heart, right below.
Enjoy ūüôā

And keep rocking it using TCM!
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1- The Heart System in Chinese Medicine: functions and causes of imbalances.


2- TCM Heart Functions


3- The 5 Element Theory: Fire

4- TCM Heart Patterns

5- TCM Heart Food Cures


6- TCM Heart Season: Summer 

7- The TCM  Heart common pattern

Heart Fire in TCM


8- The Heart Meridian & Its Most Used Points in Clinical Practice. #AcupunctureRocks!

9- The most commonly used Heart Acupuncture Point

HT 7 – Shen Men, the gate of the mind! Awesome acupuncture point to calm the mind, improve memory, and clear heat especially from the heart.

PC 6 (not a Heart point but a protector of it, worth mentioning) opens the chest, moves Qi & Blood for chest pain. Calms the mind and clears heat for irritability, anxiety, restlessness.


10- The emotion of the Heart in TCM: Joy & Laughter

Too much excitement or uncontrolled laughter can create imbalances in the TCM heart.

Uncrotrolled laughter in TCM



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