I love the TCM Gallbladder, it’s a see-saw meridian! I mean it just CAN’T make up its mind! Does it want to be in the front or the back of the body? Back and forth, back and forth, zig zagging all the way. Just like the organ (or my husband!), it’s indecisive!

I see so many “GB” patient in my practice, who are shy and can’t make simple or difficult decisions. And more often than not, they have issues along the GB channel! So fascinating 🙂

The GB functions in TCM:

  • GB is the only yang organ that doesn’t deal with food directly.

  • It stores Bile

  • It controls judgment, courage and decision

  • It also controls the joints

  • GB & LV depend on each other

  • And it’s extra special because it’s also an extraordinary organ!

You’ll find all about the TCM Gallbladder below. Enjoy 🙂

And keep rocking it using TCM,
TCM Geek

PS: and if you want more, check out all the other TCM Systems in my TCM resource page

The Gallbladder System in TCM

1- The most common Gallbladder TCM Pattern

GB TCM pattern

2- The Gallbladder Meridian and its most used points in clinical practice.



3- Some of the commonly used Gallbladder acupuncture points

GB 20 Rocks internal and external wind!
– Clears external wind-heat for fever & chills
– Bring LV Yang down & eliminate internal wind for high blood pressure, tremors, dizziness & vertigo
– Relieve tension (occipital) headaches & stiff neck
– Clears the head for memory, neurological issues and sensory organs

GB 20 acupuncture point

GB 21 is fantastic for muscle tension & pain of the upper back, shoulder and neck. But it also helps in lack of breast milk, difficult labour, and for induction at the end of pregnancy.

GB 21 acupuncture point

GB 34 is THE SUPERMAN point of acupuncture!
It’s the best point for all sinews, ligaments, tendons & joints.
It moves Qi gently, relieves neck and shoulder tension, and temporal headaches. It clears damp-heat for yeast, bladder or ear infections. It helps lower blood pressure. And it’s a great point for those with decision making issues, self doubt and low self esteem

GB 34 acupuncture point


GB 41 is a great acupuncture to move LV & GB Qi, drains damp-heat for breasts distention and mastitis, clears vision for excess tearing, red & swollen eyes, regulates the Dai Mai for menstruation issues & yeast infections, relieves migraines and tension headaches. And combined with SJ 5, is fantastic to open up the hips during labour, and to drain damp-heat in the lower jiao!



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