I absolutely love the odd one out, the ugly duckling, the exception to the rule, the marginal, because they stand out and make a statement! That’s how I look at the Dai Vessel in Chinese Medicine.

The only meridian that is horizontal and not vertical! Way to go! The Girdle rocks 🙂

In clinical practice, I use the Dai Mai especially for Yeast & Bladder infections, but also to open up the hips at labour time.

Here are the Dai Vessel characteristics:

  • Also called the Girdle or the Belt

  • Circulates Essence, originate in the TCM KD

  • Sea of Ming Men: connected to Du 4 through the KD divergent

  • Binds all vertical meridians together & keeps organs in place

  • Area of the body influenced: Hips, Waist, Lower Jiao, Legs

  • Harmonizes the LV & GB for migraines, external genitalia issues

  • Dries dampness in the Lower Jiao for UTIs and yeast infections

  • Regulates the Hips & Waist for hip pain, sciatica and excess belly fat.

  • Regulates gynecological function for miscarriage, irregular menses, pelvic inflammatory disease.

  • Confluent point GB 41

  • Crossing Points: Gb 26, GB 27, Gb 28

Below you’ll find pics about the Dai Meridian and how it’s used in clinical practice.

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PS: Check out the other guys, the REN Vessel, the DU Vessel, and the Chong Mai.


The Dai Mai can help these physical disorders


The Dai Mai and Psychology

The Dai vessel is the reservoir of all our traumas (physical and emotional)and can hold the emotions we can’t deal with. It’s our self preservation. The Dai Mai can help patients with sexual abuse. It also can create stability during changes or impair growth if out of balance. And it plays a strong role in survival. Whatever we don’t like about ourselves resides in the Dai Vessel! *

*Thank you to Yvonne Farrell for her amazing insight into the Dai Mai psychology*

Master Point GB 41 – Often paired with SJ 5

GB 41 is a great acupuncture to move LV & GB Qi, drains damp-heat for breasts distention and mastitis, clears vision for excess tearing, red & swollen eyes, regulates the Dai Mai for menstruation issues & yeast infections, relieves migraines and tension headaches. And combined with SJ 5, is fantastic to open up the hips during labour, and to drain damp-heat in the lower jiao!

The Dai meridian versus the Chong Meridian




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