Recently, I took a 2 days course on using the 8 Extraordinary Vessels for psycho emotional trauma (With the great Yvonne Farrell). I learned of an acupuncture point I didn’t know about: KD Prime! I LOVE to learn 🙂

Kd Prime is located directly below KD 1 on the lower third of the sole, when it’s divided in 3. KD Prime is very grounding and is on the Chong Mai trajectory. That’s why Chong is such a grounding vessel!


In clinical practice, I use Chong points a lot, especially for women’s issues. So, let’s look at the Chong Mai characteristics:

  • Also called the Penetrating vessel

  • Circulates Essence, originate in the TCM KD

  • Sea of Blood: connects Heart & Uterus

  • Sea of Yuan Qi: brings Qi down to the feet (grounding)

  • Sea Of all 12 main Meridians and Sea of the Zang-Fu Organs

  • Area of the body influenced: Heart, Stomach & Chest, Uterus, Eyes

  • Regulates the TCM Uterus for menstruation, fertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause

  • Rebalance men’s reproductive system: erectile dysfunction, and prostate issues

  • Also used for asthma, panic attacks, vomiting and chest pain.

  • Confluent point SP 4

  • Crossing Points: Ren 1, St 30, Kd 11 to 19, Kd 21

Below you’ll find fun videos and pics about the Chong Meridian and how it’s used in clinical practice.

Keep rocking using TCM,
TCM Geek

PS: Check out the REN Vessel and the DU Vessel.


The Chong Mai can regulate these physical disorders



The Chong Mai and Psychology

The Chong vessel can help anxiety disorders, but also our ability to heal emotionally during terminal illnesses. It is the vessel that balances love and logic. Intergenerational trauma is transmitted through the Chong Mai. It also gives us our habits, and is the essence of who we truly are: our authenticity *


*Thank you to Yvonne Farrell for her amazing insight into the Chong Mai psychology*

Master Point SP 4 – Often paired with PC 6

The Chong meridian versus the Dai Meridian




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