“These courses provide us with the tools we need to be effective practitioners.  Clara [founder of AcuPro Academy] captures the interest of her students, and her enthusiasm makes this complicated subject easier to comprehend.” Lisa

“Clara has an incredible ability to explain and teach TCM concepts with ease and clarity. She “unscrambled” many TCM concepts that were previously difficult for me to understand and retain. Her vivacious and enthusiastic personality has helped me fall in love with a healing modality dear to my own culture; one that I had almost left behind due to growing up in the Western World. Thank you Professor Cohen!” Kira

“I believe that Clara is one of those gifted teachers who not only knows her craft but is able to share her knowledge with passion…Her classes are outstanding, full of fun and energy. She is inspiring and makes TCM a fascinating subject.” Bogie

What you get

  • 20 to 30 minute video courses: long enough to absorb the material and short enough to stay focused.
  • You can download the PDF version of the slides, to have them at your fingertips anytime.
  • You’re guaranteed to have fun, stay engaged and learn tons of great material. No boring stuff here!
  • You’ll get some theory, but mostly practical treatment protocols that you can apply daily in your practice.
  • You’ll earn CE hours when taking the premium courses.