The mysterious and controversial San Jiao. The so called Triple Warmer, Burner, Heater, or even Energizer. It’s not an organ, it’s not a system, but in acupuncture, the San Jiao meridian rocks!

It has been compared to the Lymphatic system, and it’s often difficult to grasp its real function. Simply put, the San Jiao is:

1 of the 6 Yang Organs and has a function to transform & transport (especially fluids).

A conductor for Yuan (Original) Qi spreading it throughout the body.

Divided in 3 parts: the upper Jiao (a mist), the middle Jiao (a maceration chamber) and the lower Jiao (a draining ditch).

– Mostly affected by damp and heat

You’ll find great info below on this amazing meridian!
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1- The most common San Jiao patterns in TCM:

The San Jiao patterns

2- The San Jiao Meridian and its most used points in clinical practice



SJ 5 is the Yang Wei Confluent point and is great to treat shoulder & neck pain, as well as temporal headache. And combined with GB 41, it can help external genitalia outbreaks, UTIs and damp-heat in the lower Jiao. #AcupunctureRocks


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