My patient delivered her baby girl in 13 Minutes!

I love acupuncture! I LOVE acupuncture!

Today I wanted to to share with you my TCM treatment protocol for cervical ripening, because it can make it easier for so many woman to have a successful natural vaginal birth.

At 36 weeks of her pregnancy, after having an ultrasound and knowing the baby’s head was down and in the right position, I started cervical ripening for one of my patient.

She had planned a home birth and had a midwife. She went into labour 2 days past her due date, called the midwife who told her she’d be there in 20 minutes.

That would be too late! She delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl in 13 minutes with her hubby and mother by her side.

13 minutes!!! Isn’t that crazy? Acupuncture Rocks!

She was 6 cm dilated at week 40, which made it easier to get to 10 cm in order for her baby to pass through the birth canal.

From week 36 to week 40, cervical ripening allows the cervix to slowly soften and the body to start opening up in preparation for labor.

Most of my patients who come for this protocol end up 4 to 6 cm dilated by the time they go into labour (that’s the idea behind cervical ripening). This makes it easier (not easy, let’s not kid ourselves!), leading to labor lasting less than 5 hours.

Caution: I do not recommend to induce a patient at week 40 if the cervix is closed and there was no cervical ripening prior to. I will go in more details regarding all this in my Complete Pregnancy & TCM course (which I hope to have ready by the spring!).

Download the PDF for TCM Protocol for Cervical Ripening treatment.

Have a fantastic day and keep rocking it with TCM!

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TCM Cervical Ripening Protocol


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