When my TCM Liver gets stressed, my LV Yang rises easily! Yoga, and exercising outdoors makes me feel better, and having acupuncture weekly keeps me in check. After all, my main personality in the 5 Element is the Liver type: achiever, goal oriented, stubborn and always wanting to be right!

You’ll find everything you wanted to know about the TCM Liver, right below.
Enjoy 🙂

Keep Rocking it using TCM!
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1- The Liver System in Chinese Medicine: functions and causes of imbalances.


2- TCM Liver Functions


3- The 5 Element Theory: Wood

Spring season TCM Liver


4- TCM Liver Patterns 


5- TCM Liver Food Cures


Our TCM Liver gets stressed and needs a good healthy diet, as well as some great acupuncture points to soothe and relax it. Lv 3, Li 4 and Gb 34 are best to help Liver Qi Stagnation.


Liver Fire always makes me think of Donald Trump, the Tasmanian Devil, and Simon Cowell! They might need to eat cooling foods and get acupuncture to calm down


Liver Blood deficiency is very common in woman. The herbal formula Si Wu Tang is very good to build Liver Blood, but shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy as it slightly moves blood.

Liver Blood deficiency


6- The TCM Liver and Internal Wind


7- The Liver Meridian & its Most Used Points in Clinical Practice. #AcupunctureRocks!

6- Some of the commonly used Liver Acupuncture Points

My Liver Yang rises easily, LV 2 to the rescue!
It clears fire, cools blood, stops internal wind and brings LV Yang down. Great point for stressed out people with too much heat. Treats insomnia, dizziness, temporal headache, bladder infections, heavy menses, convulsions, and irritability.


Liver 3 especially combine with Li 4 moves Qi & blood.



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