My mom got her first period when she was 11 years old, so when I reached that age, she decided to give me THE talk! After she explained the whole why and what of a woman’s cycle, I looked at her horrified and screamed: “Every month for the rest of my life?!” Because let me tell you, over 40 years of this bleeding thing, felt like a lifetime. It seemed like a death sentence, and I wasn’t signing on!

Since I was born stubborn as a donkey, I told my mom: “It won’t happen to me!” She wisely responded: “Every woman gets it, and it’s okay”. Okay? Yeah right! “Nope, not happening to me!” And I was 200% sure it wouldn’t.

At 13 years old, IT HAPPENED (big surprise, right?). I was so mad, I couldn’t believe “IT” had found me! And to make matter worse, I had extremely painful cramps. The kind that made me catch my breath, bend in half crying, and sometimes even made me vomit. Big time Dysmenorrhea. 

For years, it really was debilitating, and for a couple of days every month, I was miserable. The doctors told me I was just unlucky and gave me pain killers. I didn’t take them, as I’ve always hated pills. So I suffered. Until…

You’ve guessed it, TCM came into my life, many years later. This amazing medicine I’m so passionate about, rescued me. I was diagnosed with cold in the uterus, which created blood stasis and therefore stabbing pain in the lower abdomen. I was put on herbal formulas (Wen Jing Tang), weekly acupuncture, and a proper TCM diet to scatter the cold, move the blood and relieve pain. 

Within 4 months, my symptoms disappears…and I have been pain free ever since! How amazing is that? Today, I love to tell patients their dysmenorrhea is not because they’re just unlucky, and to educate them about the possibilities TCM has to offer.

And because diet is at the centre of everyone’s health, I thought I’d post the best foods according to TCM to help dysmenorrhea, depending if it’s due to an excess and deficiency. And if you’re wanting more, you can sign up to watch my FREE online, 3 part TCM & Gynecology course here.

Keep rocking it with TCM,

TCM Geek

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