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The news on TV, in newspapers and with most media always focus on what’s wrong with our world. I’d like to see what’s good and how many people are helping, inspiring, healing and changing our world for the better. Why is that not newsworthy? It should be, don’t you think?

So, let me share with you my feel good story of the week!

One of my long time patient who benefitted tremendously from his acupuncture treatments, always bought packages of sessions. A few weeks ago, he got a new job 2000 km away, and needed to move asap.

He said to me: “I have 2 sessions left on my acupuncture package, I’d like to donate them to someone you feel can benefit from the treatments. Someone who’s income is low. I have a soft spot for single mothers because my mom was one. So if you had a struggling single mother you think needs it, give them to her!”

Wow, I was floored, how generous and thoughtful!!

Then he continued: “I want this to be completely anonymous.” What a sweet, humble, selfless gesture. He made my day!

I had the perfect patient in mind.

And when that woman came in, I told her I picked her as the beneficiary. She was so overwhelmed, she cried. This patient is a giver and does so much for others, I thought she deserved the financial break, as she has no coverage for acupuncture.

This week, she came in with a gift and 2 cards, one to thank me and one for the generous mystery man (she asked I pass it along to him).

Chinese medicine patient

Hope this put a smile on your face and you’re rocking with TCM, as always!

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