When I found the perfect empty space to build my Wellness Centre, I was so excited to be able to design it the way I felt would serve my patients best. I used Feng Shui to make it the calming and safe haven it is today.

As TCM Rock Stars, it’s crucial to pay attention to how everything flows, in our clinic environment, in order for our patients to feel safe, calm and relaxed.

3 Tips on how to use Feng Shui in your acupuncture practice

1- Avoid clutter! Make sure everything has its place in your treatment room. No pillows sitting on top of cupboard! Have a free of clutter counter to work on (for cupping, preparing your needles…).

2- Try to position your treatment table so the head is the furthest away from the door and in direct line of vision of it. This makes the patient feel safe.

3- Choose earthy colours (Browns & Greens), soothing pastels and a variety of natural materials, following the TCM 5 elements. Wood (your working station, chairs, treatment table), Metal (iPod music station), Earth (with real plants), Fire (Heat Lamp), and Water (Pastel colours wall paint, essential oils).

Feng Shui is an extension of  TCM and can help most of us sleep better, connect with others in a deeper way, be more productive and creative, and find peace in our environment. Feng Shui is a fantastic way to create balance in our daily lives.

In the short video below, check out the basics of Feng Shui, and see what changes can be made in your clinic, to improve your creativity, productivity, and your patients wellbeing while in your space.

Have fun with Feng Shui, and no matter what, keep rocking it using TCM!

TCM Geek


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