Why establishing yourself as an expert will lead to a busy practice.

Some practitioners are worried that if they choose to focus their practice on one particular specialty, they will loose potential patients. This is absolutely not true. If you choose to know everything about one subject, you will become the expert patients will seek.

My favourite teacher while learning TCM taught gynaecology. She was interesting, fun and was very successful in treating women’s health in her practice. I was inspired and decided to follow in her footsteps.

When people see their medical doctor, often he/she will refer them to a specialist, and then usually what happens? You know, the patient often has to wait a long time before a specialist can see them! Why? Because specialists are so busy and in demand! It’s the same for us. Patients want someone who knows how to treat their issues and has plenty of experience with it.

Will being a skin expert, a thyroid guru or a gut healer, alienate patients who don’t have these disorders? Absolutely not! Because although I have focused my practice in women’s heath (Fertility especially), I still have patients coming to see me for mental disorders, pain, allergies, digestive issues and much more.

I do have a waiting list of a few weeks, but new patients would rather wait for my expertise, than get treatments today from someone who may not know as much about the subject.

Here’s a short video on how to position yourself as an expert to grow a thriving practice. Enjoy!

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