My hubby is a hottie! He’s literally on FIRE! He’s got so much energy, he bounces off the walls. He’s always happy, passionate and excited. I love that about him, but of course it also comes with tendency to restlessness, insomnia, high blood pressure and ADD.

When we go see a comedy at the movie theatre, he laughs so loud I think most people laugh with him (or at him really) not the movie! He’s the life of the party, the big kid at heart and loves to wrestle on the flooTCM heart patternsr with our golden retriever.

Every night, as I read in bed, my husband does the ROBOT dance (with sounds) for my entertainment! Are you picturing it in your mind right now? I have the live version every night!!!

He makes me laugh, helps me grow, and keeps me real. He’s my constant support, my best friend, the Yang to my Yin and I feel blessed our paths crossed many moons ago. For these reasons, I intend to make sure his TCM heart is healthy and keep ticking for a very long time. He gets regular acupuncture treatments from me (for free, the lucky guy!) and I make sure his diet feeds his heart and mind. Of course, being french, red wine is a must in our home (The wine is for me, not for him! After all, there is so much Robot dance one can handle!).

In case you or some of your patients need extra Heart care, here are the best foods according to each TCM HT patterns. Bon Appetit!

TCM HT Patterns Foods

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Keep Rocking it using TCM!
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