Ghost points have little to do with Halloween and everything to do with healing the mind!

I’ve always been fascinated by the human psyche. Over the years in my practice, when patient seek my help in treating their chronic physical ailments, 80% of the time the root cause is long standing emotional issues.

One of my long time patient who first came to balance her hormones during menopause, and now comes monthly to keep her anxiety at bay, surprised me recently, while I was needling her. This was our conversation:

Me: yesterday, I was teaching my students about a bunch of acupuncture points that are great for long standing emotional issues. I love that many students ask questions related to anger, guilt, shame, fear.

Her: how many points can help these emotions?

Me: many, and they’re always individually based. But for example, there’s a point on the ankle area that is used for long standing childhood trauma related to sexual abuse, leading to anxiety and/or depression as an adult.

Her: could you do that point on me?

WOW! I looked at her, and waited for more. She kept quiet, so I needled BL 62 and it was so strong, she burst out crying! Then she told me about being sexually abused as a teenager by a family member. I have know this women for 6 years, and she never shared this before.

Acupuncture truly keeps amazing me, and Ghost points are very powerful in releasing emotional trauma. So I thought I should write a post on these fantastic acupuncture points! Enjoy and let me know what you think 🙂

And of course, keep rocking it using acupuncture Ghost points!
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Ghost Points

Sun Si Miao (who has also been called “The King of Medicine”) developed the 13 Ghost Points for the purpose of treating mental disorders such as schizophrenia, manic behaviour & neurological disorders such as Epilepsy. In clinical practice, these ghost points are also helpful, in helping patients with long standing emotional trauma that are difficult to overcome.

According to Sin Si Miao “Ghosts” affecting the mind is actually excess phlegm misting the Heart mind. As we know excess phlegm can be the result of long standing emotional issues or trauma, weak Jing (Essence), diet, external pathogens, drugs, or shock.

All the Ghost points have applications that affect a patient’s emotional and psychological welfare and when used together they create a sense of peace, help centre and ground them.


Usually a maximum of 3 Ghost points can be needled in one session. But many practitioners differ in their approach 🙂

ST 6 – Ghost Point 
This point is  perfect for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Patients with PTSD have tendency to clench their jaw, so ST 6 acts as a jaw relaxer as well.

BL 62 – Ghost Point
In clinical practice I use Bl 62 for long standing childhood trauma related to sexual abuse, leading to anxiety and/or depression as an adult.

Li 11 – Ghost Point
Li 11 clear heat and balance the digestive system. It’s used for patient who like to be in control, and get diarrhea or suffers from IBS when  they feel out of control. 

SP 1 – Ghost Point
Bleeding SP 1 is generally used for patient who have poor body image and eat their feelings (as in Bulimia).

PC 7 – Ghost Point
This acupuncture point is the protector of the heart, which makes it the perfect point to needle for those who are emotionally upset (broken hearted) after the break up of a relationship.

PC 8 – Ghost Point
This is a good point for patient who have lost a sense of self, are manic with hallucinations, anxious and experience paranoia (Like in schizophrenia).

Lu 11 – Ghost Point
This acupuncture point is perfect, when a vow, contract, or an important agreement is broken, and anger results. Good during or after a nasty divorce, or a business partnership which goes sour.

Ren 1 – Ghost Point
For patient who are ashamed of their body and their sexuality, and especially for women after childbirth, who suffers from urinary incontinence and low libido, or can’t reach orgasm. 

Ren 24 – Ghost Point
This is a great acupuncture point for people who are always worried and are consumed by their dark thoughts for years. They don’t ever smile or laugh. 

Du 16 – Ghost Point
Because of its location, Du 16 is often overlooked because it is deemed a dangerous point. But it’s a good one for patient who resist change and are inflexible.

Du 23 – Ghost Point
For unresponsive people who have years of phlegm misting the mind, and become catatonic, such as Alzheimer’s patients in later stage.

Du 26 – Ghost Point
Often used for intergenerational trauma, which leads to spontaneous laughing with no reason.  

Yin Tang – Ghost Point
This 13th Ghost point is controversial. In some text, extra point Gui Feng (under the tongue) is deemed a Ghost point, but because of its location, Yin Tang has been used instead. Both are used for enlightening the mind, seeking knowledge and wisdom.
Haaaaaaa! I NEED this point 🙂

Chinese medicine is so fascinating, don’t you think? I LOVE IT!


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