Today, I know I will encounter resistance, because there is a lot to do, but it’s so worth it! I promise, I promise, I promise 🙂

Let’s talk about why building an email list will grow your practice!

If you want to stay top of mind with your existing patients, or to build your trust-know-like factor with potential patients, your email list will do that for you. Cool, eh?

What is an email list, you ask? Well, right now, YOU are on my email list for the 7 Day Business Challenge. Everyone who signed up to it, receives these emails. 

Watch the video, pick an email list provider, and be patient, there is a learning curve. Then craft your first email, provide great content (share articles), educate your list about TCM, and give them value (recipes…). Be consistent, send monthly emails, be creative, be genuine, be YOU!

Don’t forget, YOU are a TCM ROCK STAR!

TCM Geek

PS: If you haven’t signed up to the 7 Day Business Challenge for Acupuncture professionals yet, go ahead it’s FREE! 🙂


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