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TCM Treatment Protocols for High Blood Pressure

Let's do something different today! Why not look at a short case study, I often give my 1st year students, after teaching TCM diagnosis class. Male, age: 44yrs old He was just diagnosed with high blood pressure by his MD. No family history of hypertension. Temporal headaches (intense, stabbing, pounding), for 2 months (since he [...]

By | February 18th, 2017|Acupuncture & TCM, Inspirational stories|14 Comments

Telling the Truth

Back in TCM College, one of my clinic supervisor would always tell it like it is! One day, a new patient came in with lots of knee and back pain, diabetes Type 2, sleep apnea and fatigue. Within the first 10 min of our consultation, he looked at her and said: “You’re too fat! That’s [...]

By | February 2nd, 2017|Inspirational stories|1 Comment

TCM Protocol for Cervical Ripening

My patient delivered her baby girl in 13 Minutes! I love acupuncture! I LOVE acupuncture! Today I wanted to to share with you my TCM treatment protocol for cervical ripening, because it can make it easier for so many woman to have a successful natural vaginal birth. At 36 weeks of her pregnancy, after having [...]

By | November 2nd, 2015|Acupuncture & TCM, Inspirational stories|0 Comments

Selfless deed from one of my patient!

You're going to love this story! The news on TV, in newspapers and with most media always focus on what's wrong with our world. I'd like to see what's good and how many people are helping, inspiring, healing and changing our world for the better. Why is that not newsworthy? It should be, don't you think? So, [...]

By | October 10th, 2015|Inspirational stories|5 Comments

The Secret to Building a Thriving Acupuncture Practice

Are you happy with your acupuncture practice? Are you thriving, successful and fulfilled? If not, read on! Do you believe in the law of attraction? In Karma? What goes around comes around... Simply put, the law of attraction (which has been written about for centuries) states that our thoughts dictate our lives. What we think [...]

By | August 2nd, 2015|Inspirational stories, Practice building|8 Comments