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TCM Case study on Insomnia

Emotional stress plays a huge role in our health, and often a particular event may disturb the mind and create insomnia. Acupuncture works so well to calm the mind! I absolutely love it, as I see the amazing effect it has had on patients, over the years. Check out the following case study and let [...]

By | October 13th, 2017|Acupuncture & TCM|14 Comments

The Most Used Acupuncture Points in Clinical practice!

Unless your practice mostly revolves around musculoskeletal issues, you probably use the same 50 or so acupuncture points with varied combinations. I believe most practitioners gravitated towards their favorite points and most will often pick from the pool of "Special Points". I am definitely one of them. I love to use Ghost points, Back-Shu, Xi-Cleft, [...]

By | May 11th, 2017|Acupuncture & TCM|22 Comments

TCM Treatment Protocols for High Blood Pressure

Let's do something different today! Why not look at a short case study, I often give my 1st year students, after teaching TCM diagnosis class. Male, age: 44yrs old He was just diagnosed with high blood pressure by his MD. No family history of hypertension. Temporal headaches (intense, stabbing, pounding), for 2 months (since he [...]

By | February 18th, 2017|Acupuncture & TCM, Inspirational stories|13 Comments

TCM Protocols for Lumbar Disk Herniation

Five years ago, I went to Kauai (Hawaii) for the first time and it was breathtaking! This small island is where Jurassic Park was filmed! It's a true beauty, with amazing hikes (see pic below), perfect places to snorkel, great local organic food and friendly people. The first 4 days of our week trip were [...]

By | January 2nd, 2017|Acupuncture & TCM|8 Comments

The 8 Extraordinary Vessels – DAI

I absolutely love the odd one out, the ugly duckling, the exception to the rule, the marginal, because they stand out and make a statement! That's how I look at the Dai Vessel in Chinese Medicine. The only meridian that is horizontal and not vertical! Way to go! The Girdle rocks :) In clinical practice, [...]

By | December 18th, 2016|Acupuncture & TCM|7 Comments