I was an accident! 

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My parents had my 2 brothers in their early twenties, so when at forty-one my mom found out she was pregnant, she was in disbelief! Both my brothers were grown men. My mom was freaking out, because the doctors told her she was too old (this was the 60s, when any woman over 35 was considered too old to have children), and that she and her baby were at risk. 

Despite all predictions and my mother’s questionable health habits, I hung on for dear life for 30 weeks, and  came into this world crying loudly. And I’ve been loud ever since!

Thirteen years later, my mom was now fifty five. I was in full puberty while she was in full menopause. Talk about hormone overload! Can you imagine? CRAZY house!

I didn’t know what menopause was then, and when it hit her, I thought my mother had gone insane. 

She would wake me up in the middle of the night, to yell at me about my forgetting to rinse a plate or hang my coat. She would go into panic attacks and become irrational. She was always hot, and in the middle of winter she needed to have all windows open, while I was freezing my buns off. 

She also lost tons of hair – she had full on Allopecia. She gained weight, was always tired and would cry for no apparent reason. We would argue daily about everything! 

This was not my mom! The amazing mother who used to make me laugh dancing in her pajamas, organized weekly picnics in the summers, and told me I was the best daughter a mom could hope for. This one was an alien, a foreign person I didn’t know! And it lasted for about a year…a very long year!

Today it’s my turn to jump into this life transition with both feet. The difference is, I have TCM to make this stage of my life much smoother. 

In Chinese medicine, menopause is a slow decline of both Kd Yin and Kd Yang, but making a full TCM diagnosis will always lead to a better treatment plan and a better outcome. Here are the basic TCM patterns and treatments for menopause (Download the PDF here), so you can keep every “older” woman around you hormonally balanced! 

Keep rocking it using TCM.

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The basic TCM treatments for menopause (Download the PDF here!)

Menopause TCM


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