When I teach the Zang-Fu Theory to my students, they always have the same question: “Where does the Pericardium fit in?” After all, there are 5 Zang organs but 6 Fu organs. The San Jiao has its own place but the Pericardium seems to be absent from this TCM theory. It’s because the Pericardium is viewed as a mere extension of the TCM Heart. It doesn’t make it less important though!

You’ll find everything you wanted to know about the TCM Pericardium, right below.
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1- The TCM Pericardium Functions

  • Protector of the TCM Heart: if the pathogen Heat/Fire invade the mind, the Pericardium function is to stop it from entering the TCM heart.

  • Protects the Mind.

  • Provides blood circulation to the heart.

  • In charge of our relationships to others. PC 7 is the best point to use for emotional issues due the breaking of a relationship (healing a broken heart).

  • Connects to the Ming Men Fire (Gate of Vitality) and it’s ability to help us keep an open mind.

2- The 5 Element Theory: Fire
The Pericardium is part of the Fire Element just like the Heart, relating to heat, summer and joy.

3- The TCM Pericardium Pattern

The only TCM patterns of Diagnosis for the Pericardium is Heat at the Ying Qi (Nutritive Qi) level, from the 4 levels. The Heat slowly depletes the body fluids and creates a Yin deficiency.

Western Syndromes: Meningitis, Epidemic Febrile Diseases

Symptoms: High fever, worse at night, mental confusion, delirium, irritability, insomnia, red skin rashes, the tongue is red without a coat, and the pulse is thin-rapid.

Acupuncture points: PC 9, PC 3, Pc 7, Li 11, Du 26

Herbal Formula: Qing Ying Tang


4- The Pericardium Meridian & Its Most Used Points in Clinical Practice. 

5- The Special Acupuncture Points of the Pericardium Meridian

6- The most commonly used Pericardium Acupuncture Points

PC 6 opens the chest, moves Qi & Blood for chest pain. Calms the mind and clears heat for irritability, anxiety, restlessness. Brings St Qi down for nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux.

PC 7  clears Heart heat, calms the mind, relaxes the chest, expel external pathogens heat from the Ying (nutritive) level, and harmonizes Stomach. It has similar functions of HT 7, but it is more often used for excess patterns, Blood heat at the Pericardium level. And because PC 7 is a Ghost point, it’s especially used for women who are emotionally upset after the break up of a relationship (broken hearted).

PC 9 – Being a Jing-Well point, it is great to reduce fever and it’s easier to prick to blled than the other Jing-Well points located at the border of a nail!



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