I was born 10 weeks premature with asthma and scoliosis. I was bald until I was 2 years old and didn’t walk until 19th months. I wasn’t blessed with great Kidney Essence, that’s for sure. So I have to be very vigilant with my lifestyle to preserve my essence and keep my TCM Kidneys healthy. Hope yours are stronger than mine and your parents gave you good Essence.

You’ll find everything you wanted to know about the TCM Kidneys, right below.
Enjoy 🙂

Keep rocking it using TCM!
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1- The Kidney System in Chinese Medicine: functions and causes of imbalances.


2- TCM Kidneys Functions


3- The 5 Element Theory: Water

4- TCM Kidneys Patterns

5- TCM Kidneys Food Cures

6- TCM Kidneys Season: Winter 

Winter in Chinese medicine

7- The TCM Kidneys common pattern

So many of our female patients are Kd Yang deficient. They have lost their Ming Men Fire! No energy, no libido, puffy legs, and feeling cold all the time. Acupuncture, moxibustion & a warmer diet can help tremendously.


8- The Kidney Meridian & Its Most Used Points in Clinical Practice. #AcupunctureRocks!

9- Some of the commonly used Kidney Acupuncture Points

KD 3 is great for low back aches & pains, insomnia (especially for those tossing & turning all night), Night sweat, incontinence, low libido, fertility issues, dizziness and tinnitus.

KD 3 acupuncture point


KD 6 is a fantastic acupuncture point especially for Yin deficiency.
– Great for irregular menses, amenorrhea, and dysmenorrhea.
– Helps swollen sore throat, loss of voice, dry throat and difficulty in swallowing.
– Nourish Yin for constipation with dry stools, night sweats and insomnia.
– Calm the mind for fears & phobias, anxiety, and nightmares.
– Benefits urination & relieve genital itch and swelling.

KD 6 Acupuncture point

Kd 7 is the best point for any kind of abnormal sweating, and to regulate water metabolism.

Kidney 9 is the Beautiful Baby Point! I use it all the time as part of my treatment to assist in growing a healthy baby during pregnancy. This point also harmonizes HT & KD and is fantastic for anxiety and manic depression.

KD 1 is the best point for grounding those with too many scattered thoughts.



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