All about the TCM Small Intestine? That’s a funny statement, don’t you think? Because let’s face it, there isn’t much to say about this organ in Chinese medicine.

It’s only function is to receive the food and drinks from the TCM SP and ST, and separate the clear from the turbid. Basically utilizing the clear (or good fluids) which goes to the Large Intestine for re-absorption, and getting rid of the turbid (the bad fluids), which will go down to the Bladder for excretion.

The interesting part about the TCM SI though, is its mental function. The TCM SI is in charge of separating clear thoughts form turbid ones. A good versus evil kind of thing. The TCM small intestine (when healthy) will be able to make the difference between right and wrong.

That’s its only connection with the TCM Heart. Heart houses the mind and is in charge of all our mental health, and clear judgement depends on the Small intestine.

This made me think of a friend who was in a very abusive relationship, but didn’t see it as wrong, and kept thinking it was love. She wasn’t able to distinguish between right and wrong. By the way SI 5 is a great acupuncture point to help with this issue!

What’s interesting about this, she used to have a lot of issues with frequent, urgent and painful urination, and lots of canker sores! She was later on diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Which in her case, was the typical Heart Fire moving down to Small Intestine. And if you’re wondering, what happened to her, she finally left this abusive person, and regained her physical and mental health.

So, as small as this post is, you’ll find all about the TCM SI below.
Enjoy and keep rocking it with TCM,
TCM Geek

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1- The most common Small Intestine pattern in TCM:

Small intestine TCM patterns

2- The Small Intestine Meridian and its most used points in clinical practice.



3- The most commonly used Small Intestine point used in clinical practice:

Si 3 is a great acupuncture point for whiplash, occipital headache, neck pain, back pain, earache, dizziness, convulsion, tinnitus, sore throat, night sweat, mania and anxiety. Si 3 is the confluent point of the DU Mai (or Governing Vessel).


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