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All About the GHOST Points in Acupuncture

Ghost points have little to do with Halloween and everything to do with healing the mind! I've always been fascinated by the human psyche. Over the years in my practice, when patient seek my help in treating their chronic physical ailments, 80% of the time the root cause is long standing emotional issues. One of [...]

By | February 8th, 2018|Acupuncture & TCM|20 Comments

All About the TCM Pericardium

When I teach the Zang-Fu Theory to my students, they always have the same question: "Where does the Pericardium fit in?" After all, there are 5 Zang organs but 6 Fu organs. The San Jiao has its own place but the Pericardium seems to be absent from this TCM theory. It's because the Pericardium is viewed [...]

By | January 1st, 2018|Acupuncture & TCM|1 Comment

Basic TCM Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis.

For the past 15 years in my practice, I have seen so many chronic disorders which are caused by long standing emotional stress or emotional trauma. The case I chose to share with you today is about a young man with Ulcerative Colitis and warning, his story is quite traumatic... At the end of it below, I created a [...]

By | September 18th, 2017|Acupuncture & TCM|7 Comments

The Zang-Fu Organs Theory in Chinese Medicine

This video course is on the Zang-Fu Organ Theory in Chinese medicine made easy. The Yin TCM Organs functions (HT, SP, LV, LU AND KD), the Yang Fu TCM Organs functions (ST, SI, LI, UB, GB AND SJ), and the 6 Extraordinary TCM Organs (Uterus/Dan Tian, Bones, Blood Vessels, Marrow, Brain and GB). I’ve been teaching TCM [...]

By | August 13th, 2017|Acupuncture & TCM|2 Comments

The 8 Extraordinary Vessels – Yin Qiao & Yang Qiao

What's with the Yin Qiao & Yang Qiao (same for the Yin Wei & Yang Wei for that matter) anyway? Seriously? I know they carry Essence (Jing) like all the extraordinary vessels, but how are we suppose to use them in clinical practice? Until recently I had no clue. Then I spent 2 full weekends [...]

By | June 22nd, 2017|Acupuncture & TCM|6 Comments