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Grow Your Acupuncture Practice

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3 Ways to Grow Your Practice online
Turn Patients into Raving Fans
Get Your Patients to Rebook Consistently
List Your Acupuncture Practice Everywhere
Grow Your Practice with The 5 Element Theory

4 Apps that will Help you Grow your Practice
Make your Practice Stand out with DIY Graphics
Give Your Patients an Experience
Why Establishing Yourself as an Expert will Lead to a Thriving Practice
The Secret to Building a Thriving Acupuncture Practice

How to Rank Your Acupuncture Practice High on Google


Improve Your TCM skills

Check out these Free Online TCM Courses

TCM Foundation Courses Made Easy

TCM Treatment Protocols for Constipation (with PDF)
TCM Treatment Protocols for Diarrhea
TCM Treatment for the 7 most common LUNG Disorders (PDF)

My Class Notes for the Zang-Fu Organs TCM patterns (with PDF)

TCM Treatments for Menopause (with PDF)
Acupuncture Protocol for Menopause Hysteria
Fertility: The Emotional Connection

The 5 Body Types in TCM

Assisting Cancer Patients with Acupuncture
TCM Treatment protocols for Prostate Issues
TCM Treatment Protocols for High Blood pressure (with Case Study)

Case Study (Insomnia) with Treatment Protocol

All About the TCM Spleen (Videos & Pics)
All About the TCM Liver (Videos & Pics)
All About the TCM Lung (Videos & Pics)
All About the TCM Kidneys (Videos & Pics)
All About the TCM Heart (Videos & Pics)

All About the TCM Stomach (Videos & Pics)
All About the TCM Gallbladder (Videos & Pics)
All About the TCM Large Intestine (Videos & Pics)
All About the TCM Urinary Bladder (Videos & Pics)
All About the TCM San Jiao (Videos & Pics)
All About the TCM Small Intestine (Videos & Pics)

All About CUPPING (Videos & Pics)

The REN Mai – Conception Vessel (Pics & Videos)
The DU Mai – Governing Vessel (Pics & Videos)
The Chong Mai – Penetrating Vessel (Pics & Video)
The Dai Mai – Girdle Vessel (Pics & Videos)
The Yin Wei & Yang Wei Vessels (Pics & Videos)

Healing Foods for TCM Kidney Patterns

Healing Foods for TCM Lung Patterns
Healing Foods for TCM Liver Patterns
Healing Foods for TCM Spleen Patterns
Healing Foods for TCM Heart Patterns
TCM Foods to relieve Menstrual Cramps
TCM Nutrition for Children with Asthma
Seeds & Nuts Functions in Chinese Medicine Nutrition

TCM Treatment protocols for Lumbar Disk Herniation
Chinese Medicine Treatments for Acute Sports Injury
TCM Treatment Protocols for Tinnitus
Acupuncture For Allergies

Basic TCM Treatment protocols for Migraines & Headaches

The TCM Answer to The Flu Shot!



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